Sixties “Flower Power” Love-In Theme Party Ideas

Host a “Flower Power” Love-In at your house! Hey all you groovy chicks and cool cats, here’s our list of totally “outta sight” ideas and tips for throwing a fun Hippie Sixties party or gathering.

Fun and groovy ideas for throwing a Flower Power Love-In sixties theme party.

Flower Power! Throw a groovy party, sixties style.

  1. What to Wear – Bring It On, Flower Children!

    – All guests should be attired in hippie gear – tie-dyed shirts and long flowing skirts, peace sign necklaces, bandanas, braided hair, bell-bottom jeans. Depending on the age of your crowd – some may still have some of their original clothes from the sixties (I know some of my crowd does!)

  2. Music and DecorationsĀ  šŸ˜‰

    – Decorate with happy faces, peace signs, and big pots filled with daisies and sunflowers. Have a bunch of daisy chain headbands that guests can wear on their heads. Of course, play Sixties music.

  3. Food – Let’s Eat!

    – Serve the food hippie-style – on mats on the floor. Have lots of foods that can be eaten with your hands – nothing formal for this party, remember this is a love-in. Ideas for finger foods include dried fruit and nut mixes such as a mix of raisins, peanuts, cashews, and colorful M&M’S chocolate candies – cheese quesadillas cut into small pieces – mini muffins – slices of banana bread – bowls of grapes, still on the vine.

  4. Groovy Crafts

    – Have a basket full of a variety of beads (in hippie-happy shades of greens, browns, oranges, golds, blues) and string. Everyone can sit in a large circle and string beads to make necklaces. This is especially good for a party of young girls. Each girl then can bring home the necklace she makes.

  5. Telephone Game

    – For games have everyone sit in a circle – love-in style. How about the classic Telephone game. Host starts by whispering a phrase or small story to the person on their left. Then going clockwise around the circle each player whispers to the player on his/her left trying to tell the story exactly as told. When the story reaches the last player in the circle (to the right of the host) they tell the story as they have heard it out loud to the group. Laughs come next! For an adults only crowd – you might try a slightly off-color, more “grown-up” story that will really get the laughs going!

  6. Hippie Limbo Line Dance

    – Play music and form a limbo line. Everyone goes dancing under the limbo pole, then the pole is lowered – and all go under again!

A sixties style Love-In is described in a vintage newspaper story, circa April 1967.

Wondering just what a Love-In is? Here’s a little tidbit from a sixties newspaper story, circa April 10th, 1967. It’s all about the incense, the daisies, the folk songs, and the love — and let’s not forget the “bizarre clothing”.



Have a Blast!



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