Plated Box Review : Latin Cooking Two Ways, Pozole and Beef Arepas

Review of SUBSCRIPTION Food Box Recipes, prepared November 2017

Here’s a quick summary telling you what Plated is and a little bit about how it works. Plated is a recipe/food box, ordered by subscription. Each week you can select from 20 chef-designed recipes (some new, some favorite encore recipes), and there is a mix of various meat dishes, fish, plus vegetarian choices. It is super easy to skip a week (just click the “Skip Week” button on your account for each week you don’t want). You will receive a box in the mail that gives you the ingredients you need (though you do have to provide needed salt, pepper, oil, and/or eggs sometimes), plus glossy recipe card with instructions for your selected meals. Your food is well-packed in ice packets to keep everything fresh. I have found the recipes that Plated offers to be quite gourmet and usually very delish! I have also been happy with the quality of the ingredients sent. If you enjoy cooking, or are just learning to cook, Plated is a quite enjoyable experience, I have found. Now my reviews for my most recent box:

Yummy! – PLATED SUBSCRIPTION BOX REVIEW, featuring totally honest opinions about each recipe prepared and eaten (box was received on November 16th, 2017):

Ratings: 4 stars = Super Yummy; 3 stars = Yummy; 2 stars = Meh; 1 star = Yucky


    — An easy to prepare bowl of Mexican comfort food, perfect for the cooler fall weather. A soupy stew made by grilling chicken breasts, cutting into bite-size pieces and simmering in broth along with some hominy, sautéed aromatics and a touch of spiciness added to the mix via a diced poblano chile pepper and a bit of chipotle paste. I started with just half the chipotle, but this was a fairly mild spicy dish, so added the rest. The best part about this dish is the idea of adding homemade crispy, cheesy quesadillas, cut in triangles, as a sort of crouton for the pozole. So yummy, this was really, really good. – ****

    Chipotle Chicken Pozole with Crispy Quesadillas - a meal prepared from a Plated subscription box recipe.

    Homemade Chipotle Chicken Pozole, topped with crispy, cheesy Quesadilla wedges. Comfort food in a bowl. So yummy.


    — These came out extremely tasty too – more Latin American comfort food that was reasonably easy to prepare. The “avocado mash” was an easy to make guacamole, made with avocado, chopped cilantro, and lime juice. The arepas are made from scratch (so tasted really nice!) and the dough held together well during frying. Filling and delicious. (There was extra of the spiced beef topping for another meal.) – ****

    Beef and Cheese Arepas with Avocado Mash, topped with some Queso Fresco and chopped Cilantro

    Delicious meal from Plated – Beef and Cheese Arepas with an Avocado Mash and Queso Fresco. Totally yummy comfort food!


    — A French dessert, meaning “lost bread”. Easy to make, and topped with a handmade whipped cream. This dessert rather reminded me of a bread pudding – the fruit topping tasting a lot like a homemade cranberry sauce. This made enough to have for two meals. – ***

    Pain Perdu with Cranberry-Currant Compote and topped with home whipped cream - Plated dessert.

    Tasty dessert of Pain Perdu, created from a Plated recipe. Topped with homemade whipped cream.

I was really happy with the two main course dishes I selected to prepare – both totally yums! The dessert was decent too, though not the best of the previous desserts I have made from Plated. I find the selection of 20 recipes each week almost too much, in a way, as there is so much choice that I don’t feel like I am being as “experimental” with trying new things as I was a year or two ago, when they offered less recipe choices (oh well, can’t really complain as I have been happy with my recent menu selections). All in all, I find Plated to be a fun idea for dinner now and then, though definitely feel the need to “skip” many weeks, as it’s lots more pricey than simply picking a recipe from a cookbook (or online) and purchasing the ingredients myself.

Happy cooking, happy eating! #platedpics




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