Love With Food May 2016 : A Tasting Box Review

May 2016 Review for the “Love With Food” subscription Tasting Box, a fun way to sample healthy snacks and sweets.

LoveWithFood Subscription Box for May 2016 - Unboxing

Unboxing the box – just look at all the goodies! The theme brochure features a list of products and ingredients for the snacks included in this month’s box.

I have been enjoying a six-month subscription in which I receive a “tasting box” in the mail each month – a cute little red box packed up with 8 snacks and some bonus coupons. Each month has a “theme” but it seems to be totally unrelated to what foods you receive. When this month’s box arrived I thought it looked very promising, with many interesting looking snacks and treats to try. It ended up that this box was somewhat of a disappointment for me, since half the products were pretty darn mediocre. I also think there were too many sweet snacks and not enough savory/salty snacks. That being said, I did find one product that I totally love – the Biena Chickpea Snack – so good that I want to purchase it again, and try different flavors that may be available. This discovery of new food products (that I may never have found on my own) is what I really like about the LoveWithFood box – trying out new and different food products, finding those I love (and those I don’t) and enjoying the ride — it’s all part of the fun of subscription boxes! You can find details on the boxes that offers and info on pricing below – plus discounts for ordering your first box! And now for my honest opinion on the foods I sampled in this month’s box:

Love With Food Box Snacks for the May 2016 Tasting Box

Snacks you can munch on!

My Taste Report for the “Love With Food” Tasting Box for May 2016 : Theme “Love is Empathy” – What was good, what was not so good!

Ratings: 4 stars = Super Yummy; 3 stars = Yummy; 2 stars = Meh; 1 star = Yucky


  1. SKINNYPOP POPCORN : Dusted Dark Chocolate Flavor — Though this was dated “Best by September 2, 2016”, I thought the popcorn was a wee bit stale, and the product had sort of a chemical flavor to it. My husband said “If I had taken cocoa and sugar and dusted it over popcorn, it would have tasted lots better than this” – I agree (he also thought it tasted stale and had what he described as a “weird taste”). **
  2. KUTOA : Peanut Butter and Jelly Bar — A little brown bar – sweet and sticky, with a subtle taste of peanut butter and jelly (stronger on the jelly than the PB). Just okay – and rather boring, with a sort of yucky aftertaste. **
  3. SHEILA G’S Brownie Brittle : Chocolate Chip Flavor — Square, hard cookie thins that remind me of a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies that have been overcooked and burnt. Also, tastes too much like a chemical and way TOO SWEET! I would rather just make some Chocolate Chip Cookies from scratch – so much better! Hubby says “Meh!” for this. **
  4. BIENA Chickpea Snacks : “Rockin’ Ranch” Flavor — Crunchy dried chickpeas, dusted with a tasty Ranch coating. I thought these were yummy, different/unusual, and totally addictive – yum, yum, yum, love this savory snack treat. This is one I will buy again for myself – I want some more!! ****
  5. EMILY’S Premium Northwest Trail Mix — A salty sweet mix of fruits and nuts including roasted cashews, roasted almonds, raisins, dried cranberries, and dried sugar-cinnamon apples. The nuts are salted, the dried cranberries are coated with sugar. I really love, love all Trail Mixes, in general — this one is a bit too sweet (dried fruits don’t need added sugar, so not sure why that was done here). The sample pack they sent was pretty small too, would have liked to eat bigger handfuls of this rather than just this small sampling (oh well). All in all, though, I thought this was pretty good. ***
  6. SURF SWEETS Organic Jelly Beans — Fruity little Jelly Bean mix in assorted fruit flavors and pretty colors. These are good, but much too sweet (Organic Cane Sugar is first in the list of ingredients and looks like there are other sweeteners too). I felt like brushing my teeth right after eating just a few of these, like the sugar is going straight away into forming a cavity in my tooth! It’s actually hard to taste the fruit here because these are SO sweet. I could see how someone with a huge sweet-tooth could find these small, fruity candies addictive though. Close to a Yum. ** ¾
  7. GLEE GUM POP — Orange-flavored round lollipop with a small piece of orange bubblegum inside (sort of a gum version of a Tootsie Pop). I thought the orange hard candy was yummy – the gum was also good, though lost its fruity flavor fairly quickly (I guess most gum does). The wrapper was very hard to get off this sticky “sucker” though. *** ½
  8. SMOOZE! FRUIT ICE : Flavor “Coconut + Pink Guava” — Icy little fruit pop with a hint of tropical fruit flavor (would have been better if the fruit flavors were stronger). You eat this by squeezing the container to push out the ice pop and I found this made the product a bit more difficult to eat than it’s worth. This Fruit Ice was not horrible, but not particularly good either (and had a weird aftertaste). Simply meh. **
  9. BONUS ITEM IN BOX: This box included a bonus sample packet of SMARTY PANTS Gummies Multivitamins for Women (only 2 GUMMIES in the packet though). Didn’t sample this yet.
Love With Food Subscription Box for May 2016, Sweet Goodies and Treats

Get your sweet tooth on this month — sweet treats from the Love With Food box.

BOX DETAILS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW (in other words, How Much?)  — This subscription box company offers a choice of several subscription plans including a Tasting Box, which is what I ordered, described as containing “8+ new and surprise snacks each month”. The Tasting Box price is $9.99 with a month-to-month plan, down to $7.99 a month for an annual plan. You can also get the “Deluxe Box” which has 16 to 20 snacks each month at the price of $19.95 on the month-to-month plan (down to $16.50 per month on the annual plan). The third choice they offer is a Gluten-Free Box (10 to 12 surprise Celiac-safe and mostly dairy-free snacks) offered at the price of $24.99 for the month-to-month plan down to $19.99 for annual plan. See my offer below to get 40% off your first Deluxe Box or 50% off a Gluten-Free Box!


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Happy Snacking to all!

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