Love With Food Tasting Box Review December 2015

Love With Food Tasting Box of Snacks and Treats

What’s in the box? Unique, healthy, natural or organic snacks and goodies to sample! Surprise your taste buds every month.

Review for the subscription box “Love With Food”, a tasting box full of healthy snacks and treats.

At the end of November, I subscribed to a six-month subscription (starting with the December box) for the “Tasting Box” from the company which is a monthly subscription box for “junk-free” snacks. I received my first little red box in the mail around mid-December but because of all the Christmas snacks and yummies already filling my house, I didn’t actually get to sampling the goodies contained in my box until early last week. This subscription box company offers a choice of several subscription plans including a Tasting Box, which is what I ordered, described as containing “8+ new and surprise snacks each month”. Okay, cool. You can also get the “Deluxe Box” which has 16 to 20 snacks each month. The third choice they offer is a Gluten-Free Box (10 to 12 surprise Celiac-safe and mostly dairy-free snacks). I got a discount when I subscribed with a Cyber Monday special discount – but even without the discount pricing, the prices for this box seem pretty reasonable to me. The Tasting Box price is $9.99 with a month-to-month plan, down to $7.99 a month for an annual plan. See my offer below to get 40% off your first Tasting Box or 50% off a Gluten-Free Box!

Unboxing the Love With Food Tasting Box for December 2015

Opening up and unboxing snacks in my December Taste of Food subscription box.

My Snack Report for the December 2015 LoveWithFood Tasting Box : Theme “Chocolate Makes the World Go Round”

Ratings: 4 stars = Super Yummy; 3 stars = Yummy; 2 stars = Meh; 1 star = Yucky

  1. Sensible Foods : 100% Veggies “Sweet Corn” Crunch Dried Snacks (.42 oz) — Looks and tastes like dried corn kernels with an extra touch of something sweet on them. The ingredients in this are simply “corn and sea salt” (I love simple, pure snacks!) so the sweet flavor is coming straight from the sweetness of the corn kernels. Pretty tasty and not too salty, though nothing out of the ordinary. Hubby thought these tasted too “healthy”. ***
  2. Britt Chocolates : Cappuccino — Dark chocolate candy piece with cappuccino flavored soft inside. Very tasty little treat – unfortunately, only one of these in the box (made me long for some more!). ****
  3. Maison Pecou Caramel — Small, bean-shaped chocolate-coated candy with creamy caramel inside. Yum! Again, just one of these tiny candies came in this box (I think three plus would have been a wee bit more generous, it was hard to judge this based on the one teeny-tiny bite). ****
  4. You Love Fruit “Handmade Fruit Leather” (1 oz): Flavor Mango Coconut — Ingredients are: Organic Mango Pulp; Organic Coconut; Organic Artichoke Fiber; Natural Flavor. This package contained a sheet of small, heart-shaped fruit leather pieces that are super yummy with a mild taste of coconut mixed with the mango flavor. There are little bits of what looks like the coconut in each little mango heart. Now, I must say, I have loved fruit leather roll-ups since I was a kid – so no surprise I liked this. Double yum! ****
  5. Goodie Girl Cookies “Go-Paks” : Bite-Size Midnight Brownie — These are gluten-free cookies that are small, round, and very dark with a salty Brownie flavor. Pretty good but have a very weird aftertaste that I definitely Don’t like. **
  6. Beanitos Restaurant Style Bean Chips: Flavor “White Bean with Sea Salt — Very light tortilla chips that have a subtle bean flavor and definitely taste baked rather than fried. They are lightly salted and healthy tasting. These would be good served with a homemade fresh tomato salsa, I think. I quite like these chips. *** ½
  7. Luna Minis : Chocolate Peppermint Stick — This little bar tasted to me like a less-sweet version of a Rice Crispie Treat, coated with some chocolate and peppermint flavor. Just okay, nothing special – and a sort of odd “oat-like” (don’t know how else to describe it!) aftertaste. ** ½
  8. PB2 Powered Peanut Butter — Ingredients are Roasted Peanuts; Sugar; Salt. Haven’t tried this one yet.
Snacks from the Love With Food Tasting Box December 2015


Goodies from the Love With Food Subscription Box December 2015



  1. Numi Organic Tea — two flavor samples included are Turmeric Tea: Amber Sun and Indulgent Tea: Chocolate Earl Grey
  2. LOVE WITH FOOD Chapstick free gift
Yummy Candy from the Love With Food Tasting Box December 2015

Yummy Candy and Surprises! From the Love With Food Box.

All in all, I enjoyed this box and found it fun to sample these different food products I may never have tasted otherwise. I was expecting a bit more chocolate in this box considering the “theme”, but I actually prefer trying the savory snacks so all is good! I am glad they included the bonus items or this box would have felt a bit short of the 8+ snacks they included (since a couple of the items were very small samples!).


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I have already received my January 2016 box and, after a peek inside, am more excited about it than the December box! Review coming soon!




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