Cinco de Mayo “Mexican Fiesta” Party Ideas, Games, and Fun

Have a party! Here’s our list of ideas to use for planning and hosting your own home Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 5th including fun games, food ideas, and decorating tips.

  1. Decorations

    – Decorate with big sombreros, Mexican pottery filled with bunches of paper flowers and mini Mexican flags, plus loads of red, green, and white balloons. Hang up strings of chili pepper and cactus lights, plus light rows or displays of Mexican votive candles.

  2. Music

    – Play Mariachi or fiesta music in the background – a live Mariachi band would be great, but a CD or download of music will do!

  3. Pinata Party Game

    – Fill a Pinata with Mexican candy, then hang it from a tree branch or other suitable place. Blindfold each player, turn them around three times, then let them take several swings at the Pinata to try and break it open. Each player has a go until someone finally breaks open the Pinata – then the children (or even the adults) can run and grab up handfuls of the candy as it falls out.

  4. Hat Dance – Let’s All Go Crazy!

    – Place a giant sombrero in the center of the yard or room, then have all gather around it for a Mexican Hat Dance (this would probably be funner after everyone has had their share of Margaritas!).

  5. Scavenger Hunt Game

    – Have a Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt! Before the party, write-up a list of Mexican items that party guests must find around the neighborhood. Print a copy of the list for each team. During the party, divide into small teams – the first team back with all (or the most) items on the list wins a prize. Ideas: jar of salsa, Mexican flag, printed enchilada recipe, Mexican coin, cactus, postcard stamped in Mexico, a fresh hot chile pepper.

  6. Food

    – Have a Taco Bar with taco shells and all the trimmings – meat, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheeses, guacamole, a selection of salsas, etc. Everyone can fill their own tacos with what they like. Plus be sure to serve a variety of other Mexican dishes: enchiladas, nachos, refried beans and rice, salsa, guacamole, fajitas – the works! Here is YummyEat’s own recipe for an Easy Homemade Guacamole you can try (made from scratch with fresh avocados and easy to prepare).

  7. Drink

    – Be SURE to have lots of pitchers of freshly made Margaritas and choice of Mexican beers on hand.

Happy Cinco de Mayo – enjoy the day!


Have a Margarita cocktail with Tortilla Chips and Salsa, perfect for Cinco de Mayo holiday eats.

It’s party time! Enjoy a homemade classic Margarita and some tortilla chips with choice of salsas this Cinco de Mayo holiday!


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